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Welcome to my Web page!

I'm Rich Couch, and I have a busy musical instrument sales and repair shop here in Wichita, Kansas. I'm a professional wind instrument player, and I've been in the business for several decades. In addition, I have taught the craft of instrument repair, which gave me additional insight into the profession. If you want the highest quality work, at competitive pricing, without getting lost in the departments of a big music store, stop in and see me! Of course, an email or call is welcome, too.

As you can see, my site is a new work in progress, but it will give a good idea of the product lines carried, and the work done here in the shop. In time, I'll add more information about what I do, and have a more formal list of instruments available.

Full Service Repair and Restorations



Di Zhao Flutes

Come and see these beautifully made flutes - and see what the excitement is about! We keep in stock several examples; for the complete range, check out the Di Zhao website.

Couch Music Shop - official dealer


P. Mauriat Saxophones

I'm very pleased to be your exclusive local dealer for the renowned Mauriat saxophones. Take a look at their website for the most up to date product information: P. Mauriat

Other renowned brands.....

Over the years, we've learned to focus on the most reliable instruments available; here are some other examples of manufacturers products that we carry: just click on each to follow the link to the manufacturer's website.....








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